Proven Sports Supplements For Athletes

November 13, 2016 harvey

Proven Sports Supplements For Athletes


Sports supplements are just like other nutritional supplements we consume in our daily life. The only and major difference is that these work to deliver additional stamina to athletes who have a high requirement of energy, strength and power.

What do these supplements do?

An athlete requires extra intake of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins that are not available in sufficient quantity in ordinary diet or fruits and vegetables. Also, the kind of lifestyle they follow, there is often need of instant energy influx to perform and recover from the damage caused to the body.

So, these supplements make sure of strength and conditioning in an athlete’s body. Also, sports supplements are a good source of nutrition during long hours of training, especially when there is no time to stop to have a meal. However, great care has to be taken while planning an apt diet for athletes, as each body metabolism and constitution is different. Sports nutrition should be sensibly monitored, keeping in mind the type of sport involved and level of activity involved.

There are various types of sport supplements that an athlete might opt for according to his needs. Some of the most commonly used ones include:


It is common for an athlete to know about this supplement. It is among the most effective sources to attain high intensity work capacity, strength, muscle mass and optimal body composition.

Creatine is nitrogenous organic acid that allows fast regeneration of adenosine triphosphate by increasing the count of phosphocreatine in the muscle. In simple words, this supplement increases the supply of energy while the athletes sweat in fields jumping, weightlifting and running. Thinking how? Creatine enables the muscles of the body to work hard by delaying the possibility of getting fatigued. This ultimately improves the performance, increase the output and enhance muscular endurance of athletes.


Protein is one such nutrient that dietitians keep recommending every person to take in sufficient quantity. Nowadays, you can hear people talking about protein all around, be it for weight loss or to boost workouts.

However, when it is about athletes who have to continuously work upon their body to perform well, an additional protein supplement is a necessary requirement. Mainly because, protein affects the growth and strength of muscles that are highly vulnerable to wear and tear during sport activities. These muscles have to be repaired, preserved and made stronger for the athletes to gear up for further sessions. The consumption of protein is dependent upon an individual athlete; if he is looking to gain weight then the consumption of protein is more. While, it is less for the ones looking to reduce the body mass.


Caffeine has be a favored sport supplement since 1920s. It is one of the best ergogenic acids that helps to produce, recover and stimulate energy levels in body.

An athlete’s endurance is known by the activeness and alertness his body shows on ground. It not only helps athletes be at the field for long but also stimulates functioning of brain that contributes to improved concentration and clear thinking. No wonder just like we consume a cup of coffee to awaken ourselves to work more. Athletes get a jump start to train them more through intake of caffeine as a sport supplement.


There are several chances in an athlete’s daily life to experience a muscle breakdown. Glutamine is basically a α-amino acid that is found in almost 61% of our skeletal system. It is known that it serves two major purposes as a supplement for an athlete. Firstly, it prevents muscle breakdown and maintain muscle mass. And secondly, it improves protein metabolism or helps in biosynthesis of protein in the body.

Other than this, consumption of this supplement ensures a strong immune system and lowered risk to get affected by infections and illness too!

sports supplements for athletes

Vitamin B

Mainly found in green leafy vegetables, this vitamin plays a crucial role in metabolism of cells in a body.

Vitamin B converts carbohydrates and proteins into energy. Though, people on a restricted diet should not consume much of this vitamin, the lack of it can slow down the growth of muscle mass. It is a source of cell repair that directly affects the capability of a body to overcome and mend any damage caused to the muscles. So, intake of vitamin is essential for the athletes rigorously working-out.

Fish oil

The benefits of fish oil in improvement of vision and joint flexibility is not hidden from anyone. It is a good source of fatty acids including omega 3, EPA and DHA essential for an athlete’s body. It helps to reduce the softness of muscles experienced after few days harsh workout. Fish oils also supports healthy inflammation response, better recovery and enhanced performance.

Ultimately, it is upon the athlete that which of the supplement he chooses. This choice is majorly dependent on what he wants to achieve. Different sport activities require varied levels of physical contribution hence, the intake and requirement of supplements is also not same. For example, a person may aim to lose weight, build muscle, maintain the present body shape etc. But no matter what their use is, sport supplements can help athletes achieve a better change in their performance, a body prepared for action and much easier life.

As supplements are a part of routinely regime for an athlete, it is always advised that they seek guidance from a nutritionist who can provide them with knowledge about accurate quantities that is safe for them to consume. This is necessary because these supplements cannot be consumed as per choice. There is an appropriate consumption level that can be decided as per the sport or physical activity involved. And to avoid any side effects, one must seek help from a person who has proper knowledge about the dosage.

There are many sources of sports supplements for athletes, other than the natural ones that athletes can opt for. They can be found in the market both online and offline. Ensuring that the source opted is reliable and trustworthy is of utmost importance for good health!

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