What role do antioxidants play in sports nutrition, and should athletes focus on including them in their diets?

Antioxidants play a crucial role in sports nutrition, and athletes should prioritize including them in their diets. Here's an overview of the role of antioxidants in sports nutrition and why they are beneficial for athletes:

Role of Antioxidants:

Sources of Antioxidants:

Should Athletes Focus on Including Antioxidants in Their Diets?

Yes, athletes should prioritize including antioxidants in their diets for the following reasons:


While obtaining antioxidants from a balanced diet is essential, athletes should aim to derive these nutrients from a variety of whole foods rather than relying solely on supplements. A diverse and nutrient-dense diet ensures a broad spectrum of antioxidants and other essential nutrients for overall health and performance. Individualized nutrition plans, tailored to an athlete's specific needs, can be developed with the guidance of a registered dietitian or sports nutrition professional.